The "Monkey Butt 29er"

Here is the Monkey Butt in it's finished form. Thanks to all who took the time to give an opinion on what this bike should be. I was surprised by a number of posts that said slow, steady handling was a trait that attracted many riders to the whole 29er revolution. I must admit that this bike is designed to be a bit more New England single track oriented. The head angle is a little steeper than some others, a little more than 72 and the bottom bracket is a little higher. It should be better in the rooty, rutty areas of the Northeast.

I'll give you a run down of features that set it apart from a lot of other bikes. It is built with Paragon Slider drop-outs which will allow chainstay length to be as short as possible and still clear the front dérailleur's cable linkage. The actual stay length is determined by tire size. I also made the dérailleur's cable stops removable so those who like a single speed can remove the "warts" when riding without all the gears.

-The frame is powdercoated for durability and easy touch up. (liquid finish additional) Click here for powdercoating colors.

-The Monkey Butt is available in small, medium, large and extra large.

-Small: 14" /top tube 23.25"/ headtube 4"/ seat angle 74deg /head angle 71.75deg

-Medium: 15.75" /top tube 24"/ headtube 4.5"/ seat angle 73deg /head angle 72.25deg

-Large: 18" /top tube 24.75/ head tube 5"/ seat angle 73deg /head angle 72.25deg

X-Large: 20" /top tube 25.50"/ headtube 6"/ seat angle 72deg /head angle 72.50deg

-16.85 to 17.75 chainstays on all

-2.250 BB drop on all

-Frame only in Powdercoat $1495

-$1995 With White Bros. Magic 29

-$1849 with rigid fork

-Complete bike starting at $2995

Full custom is $150 option. My shop is a custom frame shop so I will build just about anything that is safe.

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