"The best bicycles are made in America, and there's no doubt in my mind that alignment of accuracy a frame is as important as the materials that go into it. Otherwise. why bother?" We couldn't agree more with Ted's words.

Ted Wojcik (pronourced woah-jik) worked on gas turbine engines and helicopter transmission systems during the Vietnam War where he gained extensive engineering and mechanical experience. He worked for several motorcycle specialty shops in New England and became one of the leading motorcycle racers in New England racing on a National level.

He got his start when he met his future wife, Sue Abrahamson, an avid cyclist At 5'2'', she was having a hard time finding a bike that she could ride. Having already learned the art of motorcycle frame fabrication through his racing experience, Ted ordered tubing from a local bike shop to build his wife a bicycle. Already an accomplished welder, Ted decided to try his hand at creating bicycle frames. Built in Ted's basement, the next frame was sold before it was completed. Ted figured this was a good sign so he made a few more frames, selling them locally. He worked out of his home until 1990 when he set up shop dedicated to producing more frames.

After more than 25 years of designing and manufacturing bicycle frames, Ted is revered as one of the masters of the trade. His bicycles have won medals at USCF championships, NORBA events, Tour Du Pont, the Pan-Am Games, and World Champnship Track events.

Today at TED WOJCIK CUSTOM BICYCLES we build bikes by hand from our Southern, NH shop in New England and hope to keep that tradition of beautiful, hand crafted bicycles for many years to come. Ted still cuts, welds, brazes, and paints the frames by hand. Painstaking measures ensure that all of the bicycles that bear our name display the highest quality in precision craftsmanship. As we set our sights to the horizon, we hope to build Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles into something more than just a frame shop, but more of a way of life. We hope you'll join us for the ride!

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