As of June 6th, 2022 I've officially retired from the trade of Framebuilding.

A little about myself: I worked on gas turbine engines and helicopter transmission systems during the Vietnam War where I gained extensive engineering and mechanical experience. From there, I worked for several motorcycle specialty shops in New England and became one of the leading motorcycle racers in New England racing on a national level.

The bicycles I’ve designed and manufactured have won medals at USCF championships, NORBA events, Tour Du Pont, the Pan-Am Games, and World Championship Track events.

I’ve been building my customer’s bikes by hand from my Southern, NH shop in New England, keeping the tradition of building beautiful, hand-crafted bicycles alive and well throughout my career.  As of June 16th, 2022 I’ve officially decided to retire from the trade.  Its been 40 years since I built my first bicycle frame. Trying to put into words the feelings that go into stepping aside of something I dedicated my life to is not going to be easy. The friends I have made, the skills I have acquired, and the incredible fun that was shared with so many is not something that I can easily put into words.  Thank you to all of my clients past and present for all of those years behind the torch and at the bench making bicycles!

For anyone looking to enter the trade, let me impart some of my time tested wisdom: “If you’re going to build it… it should be built with class.  But class is the addition. Performance is the main ingredient.” – Ted

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