“The best bicycles are made in America, and there’s no doubt in my mind that the alignment and accuracy of a frame is as important as the materials that go into it. Otherwise, why bother?”

Ted Wojcik (Like: Woah-Jik)

A little bit about myself: Born is Syracuse, NY I grew up (some would say that’s debatable) in a little town named Kirkville surrounded by dairy farms where I enjoyed camping, fishing, and a little hunting. My son Cody would label me as a “free-range kid”. In my early teens, we moved to a town north of Syracuse named Brewerton where my family ran an old tavern on beautiful Oneida Lake.

After graduating from high school, I spent some time working as a trainman on the railroad. That was 1966 and with the looming draft, I enlisted in the Navy. The Navy supplied me with an incredible education to become an Aviation Machinist Mate. I was specifically trained as a jet turbine and helicopter transmission specialist. When deployed on carriers, I worked on the flight deck as a troubleshooter and when the squadron was in the home port, a flight crew member and maintenance supervisor. After discharge, I went to work at a variety of motorcycle shops in New England, racing a bit and falling in love with BMW motorcycles. I still have the one I bought in 1976. It’s hard for me to begin to describe the talent I had the privilege to work with.

Going through some life changes found me managing a motorcycle shop in Beverly, Massachusetts. It was within this motorcycle shop I found my love of bicycles and met my future wife Sue when she brought her Motobecane Moped in for a tune-up. By the time she left, I had made it better than the day it left France and had asked her out for a date. She said yes and we fell in love.

Ironically, Sue’s the one who got me to ride my bike and I decided she needed something better than a Columbia. Having done a lot of fabrication, I decided to make her a bicycle. It didn’t go exactly as planned in my basement shop and it took a few tries. But she finally ended up with the bike she still rides almost every day! There was a lot of racing going on back then and we spent most of the summer at bicycle events. Frame building became more than a pastime and sponsorship of a team from Sue’s hometown in Connecticut brought even more work. I continued to work out of our home until 1990 when I set up a shop dedicated to production and Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles was born.

After more than 40 years of designing and manufacturing bicycle frames, my bicycles have won medals at USCF championships, NORBA events, The Tour DuPont, the Pan-Am Games, and World Championship Track events. Sue and I toured on our bicycles and spent long weekends mountain biking. We were having fun but I never could bring myself to shave my legs.

Today at Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles, I build bikes by hand from my Southern, NH shop in New England and hope to keep the tradition of beautiful, handcrafted bicycles for many years to come. I might not be building from my basement shop anymore, but I still cut, weld, and braze all of my frames by hand. There have been a lot of bikes roll out of my shop and I will make just about anything. Through all of my experience and years of education at the bench, I’ve realized that there are not many things as rewarding as cycling. Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles is something more than just a frame shop, but a way of life. I hope you’ll join me for the ride!


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